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News articles from around France and the French Brocantes world.
Vast replica recreates prehistoric Chauvet cave : In the Ardeche gorge in southern France lies one of the most important prehistoric sites ever discovered. It's locked away behind a thick metal door, hidden halfway up a towering limestone cliff-face. Click Here

42 Reasons To Never Visit France : The landscapes are ugly and the food sucks.......... Click Here

Picasso electrician ordered to return artworks : An electrician has been ordered to return more than 200 Pablo Picasso works after a court found him guilty of possessing stolen goods.......... Click Here

Northern France, abandoned WW1 underground hospital : This was  established into a giant limestone quarry. One of the most beautiful places. Marc Askat from 442 – Explorations has ever explored. Argunners presents Marc Askat’s photographical journey through “Carriere Suzanne”.......... Click Here

The tomb of an Iron Age Celtic prince has been unearthed in a small French town : The 'exceptional' grave, crammed with Greek and possibly Etruscan artefacts, was discovered in a business zone on the outskirts of Lavau in France's Champagne region.......... Click Here

Stolen Picasso posted to New York by FedEx : It appeared to be a mundane parcel like scores of others lovingly posted across the ocean in the run-up to the holiday season: a package labelled “art craft/toy” with a value put at $37 (£24) and the message “Happy Christmas”.......... Click Here

French Lesson - La Brocante : The weather is warming up and the village brocantes/vide-greniers are everywhere. Time for a quick lesson to learn about some of the items you may see around them. I love this frog......... Click Here

The French village frozen in time : The village of Oradour-sur-Glane in southwest France is frozen in time. For more than 70 years nobody has lived there, and the village has been left to fall into disrepair and ruin.......... Click Here

Buy, Sell, Hold: Picasso Ceramics :  Once the bounty of tourists in the South of France these ceramic pieces can now fetch upwards of a million dollars—and yet collectors both novice and experienced can still get them for relative peanuts.......... Click Here

Will Cash-Strapped France Sell its National Art Treasures? :  France might be on the verge of auctioning a portion of its national art collections in an attempt to fill its empty coffers, The initiative is part of a bill that Emmanuel Macron, France's Minister of Economy,presented last December, and which includes plans to sell off state-owned assets worth up to €10 billion.......... Click Here

Stolen Sculpture Found in Toilet of Paris Museum : A security guard at Paris's Musée des Arts Décoratifs gave the alert of the disappearance of a Jean de Boulogne bronze sculpture.......... Click Here

$1million in gold coins rains down from the rafters : A team of builders renovating a vineyard facility in France were stunned when U.S. gold coins worth $1million rained down on them from the rafters. This story is from 2012 but worth a read.......... Click Here

Now where did I park my 60 cars? : A £12million treasure trove of 60 rusting classic cars left languishing on a French farm for 50 years has gone up for auction.The haul of motors, which includes dozens of vintage sports cars, was found gathering dust under piles of newspapers in garages and barns on a farm in western France.......... Click Here

Shakespeare First Folio found in French library : The book – one of only 230 believed to still exist - had lain undisturbed in library at Saint-Omer for 200 years. A rare and valuable William Shakespeare First Folio has been discovered in a provincial town in France.......... Click Here

South Korean buys Napoleon's hat for 1.9m euros : The two-pointed hat, a style widely worn by military officers at the time, was apparently donned by Napoleon during the Battle of Marengo in 1800.
It was later offered as a gift to Napoleon's veterinarian.......... Click Here

Lille Flea Market - The biggest in Europe : This awesome flea market is the biggest in Europe and attracts up to two million buyers bent on seeking a bargain amongst the 10,000 stall holders. Over 100km of road space is given over to the stall holders for.......... Click Here

Lille Braderie - 2014 - From 9/6/2014 to 9/7/2014 : Each year over the first weekend in September, the capital of French Flanders is packed with up to 3 million visitors as local residents and shopkeepers empty their attics for the 33 hours of the famous Lille Braderie or street market.......... Click Here

An Immobiliers View - Brocantes in France : Whether you are just out for a stroll in the sunshine or are a keen bargain hunter the ‘Brocantes’, ‘Bric-à-Bracs’ and ‘Vide Greniers’ are a great morning/afternoon out throughout the summer in the Poitou-Charentes......... Click Here

It's all about the Brocante : Around France, usually on a Sunday, Brocantes are like our car boot sales 'en Angleterre' they start very early at around 7am, so we set out at the crack of sparrows to make sure we're there early to find some lovely French treasure, before anyone else!.......... Click Here

French Attic Finds - Gorgeous Vintage From France : France is famous for its flea markets and antique fairs. Every town and village seems to hold at least one flea market a year and for many people in France, a weekend spent browsing at a brocante is a way of life.......... Click Here

Channel 4s - "A place in the Sun" : were back in the beautiful area of Ruffec, Charente. This year’s filming for the programme introduced 3 sisters looking for a holiday home, whilst their brother had stayed in the UK.  At the end of the week it was decision time.......... Click Here

Emmaus Shops in France – great for second hand bargains : The Emmaus shops in France are usually a veritable treasure trove of selling all manner of recycled second hand goods, from furniture, bric-a-brac, records, French antiques and bicycles.......... Click Here

Flea Markets in France – more than you bargained for :  A love of flea markets in France brings a dose of culture and community  that makes a humble browse through unwanted items far more than it appears.......... Click Here

Brocantes and Braderies in France - a way of life and a national passion : The flea markets, second hand markets and car boot sales are very popular in France especially in the summer and before Christmas, in fact, that’s an understatement.......... Click Here

Junk in the Trunk - A guide to Paris Antiques, Brocantes & Vide-Greniers : So you’ve come to Paris, land of refinement and taste, of history and style, and you want to bring back a piece of that ephemeral old beauty with you........... Click Here

If you know of any news articles we can add to this page then let us know.