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The market "le marché" day in France is more like a social event than a shopping trip. Most towns and villages have a market once a week, but in larger town they may take place twice a week or even every day. To find out where a market is near you or for more information about markets in France check out the fantastic websites we have added below.

completefrance.com :- Le marché a universal attraction of France. Here we present a reference of market days throughout France, département by département. Unless specified otherwise, markets start in the morning........... Click Here (Good list of markets)

frenchmarketdays.com :- There’s something special about a French Market; somehow it epitomises much of what goes to create the unique character of France – the lack of haste, the gentle friendliness of the people who live here and, above all, an abundance of great produce......... Click Here (Good list of markets)

marketsinfrance.com :- Calendar of weekly organic, local produce, christmas or open air, towns and villages in France.......... Click Here (Good map to click on for a list of markets)

chezlouloufrance :- If you're staying in a big city, your hotel or holiday rental should have a list of all the neighborhood markets, but if your vacation takes you out into rural France, finding a comprehensive list of regional markets......... Click Here (Good link to a list of markets)

francethisway.com :- One of the most popular activities for visitors to France is visiting the local French markets in the nearby town. All areas and places will have a local market town, usually held in the same location every week for many centuries.......... Click Here

aboutfrance.com :- For visitors from abroad, one of the pleasures of visiting France is to enjoy wandering through a traditional French market. And why not! The market , "le marché", is an integral part of life in virtually all French towns and large villages, so much so that even today the market can be seen as a well-surviving part of France's historic heritage.......... Click Here

 frenchfood.about.com :- Forget the bulk-packaged and commercial jams peddled in Paris' chain stores and tourist traps. The true open air markets of France are a thing of beauty to behold. Whether they are held in Paris or the countryside, or are of the permanent or pop-up variety, the French farmer's market is worth the effort to see, taste, and experience.......... Click Here

goparis.about.com :- Many Parisians (especially among the older generations) abstain from buying fresh produce, cheese, meat and fish from their corner supermarket, and for good reason: traditional Paris food markets count in the dozens.......... Click Here

If you know of any other sites we can add to this page then let us know.