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Find a local Brocante, Vide-grenier or Antiqités market for you to visit:

vide-grenier.org :-  One of the oldest & busiest sites that has 1000s of markets listed throughout the year. These are listed in regions & departments for easy viewing. This site also has links to markets in Belgium & Switzerland. Click Here

brocabrac.fr :- Another very good site containing 1000s of links for you to browse, on the front page it has a map and a list of all the departments for you to click on to search for your local market. Click Here

pointsdechine.com :- A smaller site but with lots of links to markets around France, to find out where the markets are click on "Calendrier des Manifestations"  Choose a month which you need to research then click on the deparment map. Click Here

agendadesbrocantes.fr :- This is a smaller site but still with quite a lot of listings, on the main page there is a drop down where you select the date and department, this will then bring up markets in your area. There is also a pay for information area but why do that when you can get it for free from us. Click Here

francebrocante.fr :- Smaller website with an easy to navigate drop down box to research the  markets in the area you wish to visit. Also if you have scroll down on the front page they have a list of regions with department number you can click on. Click Here

info-brocantes.com :- A huge amount of links for you to research by using the drop down box on the left of the main page or the links by region on the right. This site also has links to markets in Belgium & Switzerland. Click Here

brocorama.com :- A smaller site but still with quite a few links, easy to navigate by clicking on the map or the list of regions next to it. Click Here

interencheres.com :- A list of auctions selling varous articles from antiques, cars and professional materials around France. Set out in various categories, you can search the department and date for an auction near you.  Click Here

troc.com :- A good place to source out second hand items to re-sell or use for the home. They sell on behalf of customers so they always a good selection of items to view. Just click on the map which is on the front page for a Troc near you.  Click Here

If you know of any other sites we can add to this page then let us know.